Cave Quest KidsLife Summer Nights is coming and we can't wait to share the week together!

Take an adventure with our kidslife crew as we learn Jesus is the light of the world. From meeting the Cave Quest buddies like Sal and Radar, to hanging with the crew leaders at imagination station and kidvid, this will be a week your kids do not want to miss! 

Here are the details you need to know! 



Date: June 12th - June 16th

Time: 6pm

Cost: Free



Check-In will begin every night at 5:30pm.

Parents are welcomed to join us for Cave Quest closing to dance and see what the kids crews have learned each night.


Register your kids this Sunday at the Cave Quest table. 


On Sunday, June 19th, we have a special treat during the worship experience so be sure you talk with your child's crew leader during kidslife summer nights so you don't miss out!